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Caroline Street Playground

Playground Donations To Date


 Caroline Street Elementary has over 400 students who our playground on a daily basis; this number does not include the children who visit on the weekends, before and after school, and children who do not attend our school.  Many members of the community frequent the playground as it is located at the corner of Caroline Street and Granger at the East Side Recreation Fields.

The current structure was built in the Fall of 1993 with support from the families, associates, friends, patrons, and founders of Caroline Street School. The Saratoga Springs School District owns the land at the East Side Rec, and employs the Department of Public Works to maintain the fields.  The Recreation Department maintains the other equipment, such as the swings, smaller playground structures, see-saw, tennis and basketball courts.  When we refer to the playground that the PTSO has been asked to raise funds to replace, we are referring to the largest playground structure, located directly across the street from the elementary school, parallel to Caroline Street.

The PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) hopes to work with the Recreation Department, Department of Public Works, and the school district to help with our efforts.  We have hosted a few small fundraisers to show good will to the corporations and trusts that we will apply for grants with.  We are currently gathering information and statistics for grant applications, and this summer we will begin the grant process.  In the meantime, we are raising awareness and building relationships with community leaders and members to help with a project that we believe should involve the entire Saratoga Springs community. 

Since we are in the beginning stages of fundraising, we have only begun to imagine the kind of playground equipment we would like for our children.  We have asked the students and teachers what they would like, and we have many ideas and suggestions.  To purchase commercial grade playground equipment we have a rough estimate of $120,000.  This does not include rubber mulch for safety purposes, landscaping, labor, etc.  If you are interested in helping with this project in any magnitude, please contact us.  

playground2.jpegPlease contact us if you would like to donate funds or if you have questions regarding this project.

Looking to help out with this committee, please contact our chaIrperson, Bernadette Sprinkle.